mindset reset.

Things I need to quit doing: 

  1. Be affected, little or a lot, by ‘other girls’
  2. Obsessively chase after ‘my past self’
  3. Talk about my project team as ‘they’ – the correct word to use is ‘us’
  4. Benchmark myself against my past self; my peers; my colleagues… everyone in this damn world, basically
  5. Express how much I hate my job and/or how poorly I am scoring in terms of job satisfaction
  6. Take everything at face value, especially when the information comes from senior colleagues and leaders
  7. Place 100% of my focus, effort, and energy into a single (‘primary’) space

Things I need to do more of:

  1. Pay attention
  2. Pay attention
  3. Pay attention – even when it is on things that do not interest me but are valuable in the long run
  4. Ask better questions
  5. Challenge the convention: Why do I need to do this task?
  6. Challenge the premise: How does this task/activity add value to my development?
  7. Challenge myself: How do I accomplish this task such that I develop foresight to ‘do better’?

I’m recording these for myself, as mental note and for personal and professional growth. Why? Because this is how I digest, come-to-terms and acknowledge my faults and shortcomings – I write them down. I spit and chew on them.

Then I – ‘at last’ hopefully, not ‘eventually’ – get to work on correcting them.


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