in this painful, sweltering heat of change.

There are people with whom I share stories, essentially giving away parts of myself, despite knowing that we are transient and fleeting to each other; they won’t care about these stories beyond the moment and I would not expect them to do so. Then there are those with whom I share stories with, granting access and giving essential parts of myself away, with the hope that they would keep these stories in their hearts so that in each other’s absence – whether out of circumstance or choice – I would know, even without truly knowing, that the bruised, gaping hole in my heart is equally and palpably felt across time and distance by the seemingly most impenetrable of hearts.

Today I miss my rare find of a friend in this coming-of-age era.

Already our circle is disintegrating in his absence – he left Miri for good two weeks ago – and already, just as I predicted, the season of change is upon us. It is unsettling and I am, just as I predicted, terribly pathetic at adapting to change.

Today I miss K.

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