the fighter: buckle up for another year.

Yesterday was my 1st anniversary in The Company!

What a year 2016 was – ‘surviving’ is what comes to mind; how I’d sum it in a word.

I wrote this last night:

A story on my 1st aniversary (because who am I if I’m without stories right) – sat in an all-day workshop meeting for our project today though I was really an errand girl i.e. chased documents and drawings for and from the discipline engineers, and sent out emails flagging all sorts of issues and concerns raised by our vendor and project team.

Two weeks ago when I was home and shared with Dad about the work that I do these days, he turned to Third Sis and said, “It sounds like she’s doing a secretary’s job.” Honestly – I’ve thought about this plenty myself, especially today as I kept having to leave the room to sort out issues raised by others (which I’m supposed to either solve for them or resource for them -always makes me go hmmm) …but these days I tell myself two things: be immersed in the job, and let meaning spring from there. The word ‘stuck’ feels somewhat different nowadays, once I place a different definition to ‘value’. I also agree with Third Sis’ reply to Dad, “Well everyone’s got to start somewhere.” Yup – here’s mine. I’m an errand girl, but I’m more at ease on this now that know why – ‘value’ – I do what I do.

The best project engineering-related advice I received in my first year though is probably this – that at last changed my perspectives! – from my technical coach: “I notice that you always say ‘This is so-and-so engineer’s scope; that engineer’s scope’ -no. As a project engineer, everything is your scope. Everything is your business. Understanding this is what differentiates a good project engineer from an average one.”

Year 2: Challenge accepted.

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