“I want to tell you this, N.”

A small story:

Today at lunchtime a senior admin whom I’m friendly with (cos of the amount of effort it took me to book a calendar slot of his/our boss some half a year ago) said to me, “I want to tell you this, N. You have something that not many [Graduates] have – the ability to articulate.” I looked at him and blinked once, twice. “I’ve communicated with many over the years I’ve been in The Company and I can tell you that not everyone has that. A lot of people speak for the sake of speaking up – visibility – but when you presented for your team just now… they had no questions! You were clear. When you emceed last year…” He paused; I waited. “Your ability to express your thoughts and articulate them in words… that’s your strength. You should harness it.”

All afternoon I carried his words like a halo in my heart.


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