“Those were six good years?” (Those were six good years.)

I think adulthood – or is it maturity? – is when one is able to speak of a particular chapter, instance, moment from one’s past with tranquility and ease. That moment of clarity is understood when one is able to speak, at last, of an emotionally pivotal and significant period without any tremble or quiver in one’s voice. This … More “Those were six good years?” (Those were six good years.)

misfit, part II.

There was a colleague who, when I asked him why he left his ‘very lucrative and interesting’ first job years ago, hesitated and pondered for long seconds before answering, “Tak kena dengan jiwa” (Lit. Didn’t jive with my soul). He clarified that there was nothing wrong with the work and the place, but… he shook … More misfit, part II.