“Our twenties is an ocean.”

Yesterday morning I asked Eldest Sis, a medical doctor herself, whether my housemanship-suffering doctor friends are justified in their outpouring of grief and hatred (negativity, generally) towards this period. I’m of two minds, I told her, every time I come across a status, caption etc. “I can understand realizing it’s just a job – that in the end one’s noble pursuit into medicine isn’t reality (because that’s adulthood), but you guys knew what you were in for, right?”

Eldest Sis, my forever sage, answered with the following, “Our twenties is an ocean. It’s a period of constant swimming and staying afloat – it’s not easy nor is it supposed to. You’re not always going to understand why you do certain things and what is it you’re trying to chase after, but what’s important is that you know what you’re striving towards. More than simply getting through it, your twenties is the time to build capacity while being honest with yourself – what do you want, what’s your 5-year goal? It better not be this same grind. Because if you’re not careful, you’ll hit your thirties despising who you are, where you’re at in work and life – wishing other people’s lives are yours.”

Our twenties is an ocean. Keep swimming.


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