the middle path.

agnes-cecile (2017)
artwork by agnes-cecile (2017)

Yesterday evening Eldest Sis (my soul-sister; wisdom whisperer; forever sage) reminded me to walk the middle path, “-and do not succumb to ideals nor…” She paused, grasping air as she attempted to retrieve the right word.

“Norm?” I supplied to her.

“Ideals and norms,” she repeated in agreement.

“Our society’s view is often too monocular – but nothing in this world is without variety. We tend to approach and view the world via lenses which are familiar to us – from upbringing and background, or general societal norms – but they’re not always true. [So] If you find yourself leaning towards particular perspectives or habits – undo them.”

“Conscious undoing?”

“That’s it. Walk the middle path; surely it exists.”

I urge everyone to listen to her and do the same


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