‘waiting on weather’


Offshore work-life is kinda hard to explain. It’s not that much different – but it is different? It feels different. I wish I have words to describe the constant barrage of thoughts and emotions I’ve been experiencing over these 9 days cos ‘happy’ is insufficient to describe this present – but alas.

Here time seems to run on its own clock with unique time zone, with human interactions aplenty – strangers easily become close in a moment’s notice, and there’s constant lookout for each other. There are horror stories like feelings of isolation; mounting frustration due to ill feelings; the obviously unbalanced gender count (my colorful headscarf head will always stand out) – but for the most part, camaraderies, however temporary, are built between project team members and across teams, external and internal, from Operations to construction to contractors and vendors. I love it – how we stand equal based on give-and-take respect. Of course there are d*cks who talk down not talk to people, but generally it feels like we’re all in this together – even if we’re strangers – and that’s a great feeling.

I am, in a way, temporarily cut-off and isolated from ‘real life’ – but I have also never been better and happier (I do wish I’m eating more; I seem to have lost my appetite). I made a new friend, though no idea if this bond is temporary or permanent. I learn many new things daily, from mundane to highlights.

It’s been such a wonderful, eye- and heart-opening trip from both professional and personal perspectives that even if everything magical are one-hit wonders, I’m just – I’m genuinely, literally at a loss for words …in a good way.


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