hello again!

Mohi wrote me a heartwarming comment that came at just the right timing cos as weird as this sounds, I’ve been missing and thinking of writing lately and thought I’d maybe make occasional comebacks here. Which is a funny but relieving thought where blogphilic is concerned – honest talk: I meant to shutdown this space this year cos I figured it’s time, this is it. 12 years with the blog is long enough. But it sounds or feels like I’m not done yet?

Mohi - May2019

There are things in here that I don’t remember I wrote them but when I come across them now at age 28 and currently in a good space in life, I’m glad I wrote them. Like this powerful personal pledge – I’m glad I wrote it down here for remembrance. These words, all mine, are testament of a time, place, and chapter back when. Youth and the like – these irreversible, once-in-a-lifetime chapters that are most beautiful in hindsight.

Let’s continue then to document late-twenties adulthood.

Hopefully you get wiser, more mature N but hey, who knows? Ha! Growth is a lifelong journey after all :)

One thought on “hello again!

  1. 😬😬 I just wrote whatever I felt after reading your blog. I’m glad you decided to continue with the blog,because after some years you forget things even which were important to you back then and this place is for reminiscing those thoughts and memories . I’m sure you already know but write whenever you feel like and don’t get stressed about it.Have a nice day💐💐

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