“I’m exactly where I’m meant to be”

A Ramadhan reflection special cos it’s a quiet, beautiful Sunday morning.

I spoke briefly to my Eldest Sis two evenings ago about my recent work-life development and she lamented about the Power of Dua (written in caps cos that’s how she meant it). “Never underestimate the power of dua,” she said. I agree wholeheartedly especially, I revealed to her later, when I look back to recent turn-of-events – nothing but a miracle and could not have unfolded so perfectly if not for the Beloved’s doing.

The power of dua – I say this because I truly believe this opportunity that’s being granted and coming my way is a years-long prayer answered in a manner so perfectly I can only say what I said above: God’s timing, God’s doing. It sounds hokey-pokey to those of you who aren’t believers, but it is true and I hope you believe, at the very least, in the power of the Universe – it is possible, it exists.  My advice to those in need and want: be as specific as ever with your dua. Go into minute details if you’ve specification – keep in mind there is nothing too small or too large and too silly or stupid because after all, He is All-Powerful and All-Knowing. He will grant to us what is best for us – trust this.

For example, I remember 2 things that I would always say (be careful what you say!) when I talk about my career development:

  1. “If I get the opportunity to move back to Environment, whatever it is, I’ll drop everything in my present and take it – even if it’s a project I love or I’m in a good space with my present. I’ll take it cos I’ve prayed for it for a long time so I believe that that must be my rezeki (lit. blessing).”
  2. “It’s never been about the money” (-so hahah God is putting me to the test soon!)

Both are happening accurately, almost eerily, with this upcoming opportunity (which I’ll reveal in due time once everything is firm…) – even the subject matter of it, which I’d been told for so long, over and over, isn’t available in our organization. Not if He shows the way. Genuinely… everything… is possible.

The way things fall into place… it’s true that nothing is without purpose. Everything is designed by the Creator in the most beautiful way, truly. My restlessness and refusal to settle – this feeling that never goes away – in Miri even though life is just fine; the reason for my single status and individuality; the purpose of my early years in the States; the reason I was offered into Project Engineering and right at the frontline; the experiences I gained by being and spending time in the middle of the sea… you know what’s crazy yet absolutely real? It feels like so many fragmented pieces of the past 3.5 years – some earlier than that – are falling into place for this next period of growth. I’m constantly in awe, both in gratefulness and sheer overflow of emotions, that I am… crazy as this sounds; perfect as this sounds; simplistic as this sounds – exactly where I am meant to be.

Never ever underestimate the power of dua.

Pray for what you want, work for what you need, and keep absolute faith He got you.

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