(But) Maybe You Can Get to Know Me

Jane / Jan / N (initial of my full name).

Malaysian | Muslim | 29 | female | late-bloomer adult | Malaysia (and beyond)

I wear these hats in varying and adaptable degrees: project engineer; environmental engineer; writer-by-heart.

blogphilic is a personal library of unshelved thoughts and personal narratives.

Side note: I watch and read plenty on Asian dramas/pop culture thus used to write about them here and at dramaphilic.

Tip: To get to those old entries, use the search button or refer to the tag cloud.

Take everything with a grain of salt, and happy reading.

PS I am now active on Twitter and on occasion, dramaphilic.

Last modified: 20/1/2020

57 thoughts on “jandoe

    1. hey! i’ve recently been following far “better” (subjective, but in my opinion they are so) bloggers but i personally enjoy blogging and this space keeps me on my toes (er fingers, rather) with writing. so really, thanks :)

      p/s: no envy, just enjoyment in the reading and writing! ;)

    1. OMG just as I wrote my existential blogging crisis which has been eating at me all of this week…The timing is strangely impeccable haha. I don’t know if this helps in smoothing my dilemma but in all seriousness – aw, thank you for this!

    1. Ah you beat me to it, I was sooooo gonna nominate you! Hahaha ;) Thank you thank you, I’ll get to it soonish. (Why schoolwork, whyyyy)

  1. I truly enjoy reading this space as much as you love writing here ^_^
    Thank you so much jandoe!
    Best regard,
    Hong Nhung

  2. Hello! You really have great talent in writing. It is for this reason I subscribed to your blog, plus the fact that I trust your judgment when it comes to Kdrama and Jdrama :) If it isn’t too much, can I add you on facebook? thanks n_n

    1. Aw thanks for your kind words and for subscribing :) I don’t actually provide or link my FB account over here sorry about that… It’s a bit too personal and gives my Real Life self away haha. But I’m always reachable here! So just holla in the comments :)

  3. oH my! omo. . .what a small world. I am a Malaysian too!

    Well I finished CH last night . .er. .morning (3 am). But I cheated – read the re-caps ahead of watching ep 17 – 18. I read the comments too, not all 248, but enough. There was a war going on about who the Male Lead should finish up with. Quite terrifying. Almost like World Cup football. Such passionate fans.

    I’m tip-toeing into Innocent Man. Have you seen it? My choice is now based on, ok this actress is kinda cute and hot, so let’s see what else she has done. . . Kind of sick but how else? I used to go for “my top 10” from bloggers. But there are so many, right?

    Anyway, you have any other suggestions?

    Aigoooo you are 22, so young. How blessed you are to be able to enjoy hundreds more of 16-episode K-Dramas.

    BTW, are the J-Dramas any good?

    1. You are the sweetest Heisui! I’ll try to do a quote drawing for you in return hehe. Here’s the size you asked for btw:
      ” Suggested width is 1020 pixels. Suggested height is 154 pixels.”

      Omg thank you!!! :D

        1. Heisui, if it’s not too much trouble, could you resize it to the new header’s preference? It’s “Suggested width is 235 pixels. Suggested height is 100 pixels.”

          Sorry for the inconvenience and trouble though o.o” Thank you thank you!

            1. That is what WP is saying, the theme is Fontfolio so maybe you can double check this through your own dashboard? Otherwise you can always just do a normal image, I’ll use it as my featured image whenever a post has no relevant photos! :D

              1. According to my default Paper (app) ‘artworks’, it’s 1024 × 768. Thank you Heisui!!! Send me over a favorite quote (or allow me to pick one for ya) and I’ll create something for you in return as earlier promised! ^_^v

    1. Hey! Wondered where you’ve been haha. Hope you’ve been well and thanks soooo much for this, you’re always so sweet :) I’ll get around to it sometime this week, anytime after the madness of the next 24 hours!

    1. I hope it is not too far from matching your blog….I was going to try to do something all cute and watercolorey like your style in most of your images..but it ended up looking all serious… >_>

    2. Thanks so much Heisui!!! It looked AMAZING, I love it! The serious undertone is totally okay, very cool :) I’m tryna make it my background but it’s not co-operating with this theme :( I’ll see what I can do, but expect to see it up as some…thing!

      1. Yay! I think if you want a background image you need a theme where the text & widgets have the separate backgrounds. (so that the text is not straight on the actual background…which would make it hard to read of course)

        1. I think so too :( UGH this theme is pretty, but so hard to play around with unlike the ones I had before. I tried for the past 15 minutes or so, but nothing worked :( Let me think about this, I reallyyyyy wanna feature it! Thanks again though sweets ^_^

        2. I am so upset…. It looks FABULOUS with two themes I have in mind, but the black lines (i.e. the face, i.e exactly why I love it soooo much!) and white background make make it hard to read. But it looks sooooo gorgeous as background *cries*

            1. But your artwork/interpretation is beautfullll. I’m still tryna think of how to include it here, and or which theme (without having to go premium because 100 bucks? Wow!). Gotta focus on my midterm and research work tomorrow though, so I can only play around later in the week -_-

    1. I came across it by chance too, and absolutely LOVED it! I’m tryna improve readability here, and this one is perrrrfect. A step in the right direction (i.e. doesn’t make my longer entries look lengthy!) :)

  4. I FINISHED WINNER TV. JAN WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!?!?!??! Now I feel like I have to go back to rewatch WIN just to see Team A again back in the day.

    1. HOW DO YOU HAVE SO MUCH TIMEEEE (pass some of yours to me… o.o) but OMG YAY YOU WATCHED IT YES YES YES!! WINNER TV was sooo much fun and rightttt, don’t you think so too? HUGE difference between them there and in WIN. What you could do (or okay, what I did) was I re-watched WIN but only Team A’s parts hehe. The five boys are my faves ever haha :3

      1. I DON’T HAVE SO MUCH TIME. THAT’S THE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X_________X TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Yes there is a big difference. O_O Rewatching parts of WIN I now see Team A differently, hehe.

        1. Take your time, or your WINNER TV experience? :D

          (I’ve been studying all day yesterday and today zzz)

          I would loveeeee to read/see you blog about WINNER. Is that too much of wishful thinking? :p


            Umm ok I remember I asked you before about your study method tips but could I ask you again? X_X Out of your ‘studying all day’ how many hours do you actually devote to studying-only? (i.e. maybe people say they studied 6 hours in one day, but the amount of time they were actually focused and studying might’ve been less) How do you manage to study for so many hours!?!? (and be productive)

            I doubt I would review it because I would like to avoid fangirl wars. T_T The kpop fangirl realm is not a place I want to step into. >__>””

            Anyways I really love the bromance in WINNER…….especially between Minho and Jin Woo, they are just too cute together!

            1. But I’m soooo glad you watched it, now you know what me and Rosie are all about when we talk about WINNER! :D Fangirl territory is indeed scary… But I like to think they either don’t know of my write-ups or they just don’t want to mess with me, especially the who Team A/B fiasco… :p

              So yesterday I studied for about 9-10 hours total… I had two breaks and they were about 1 hour each. Some days are better than others though, like today I am not as productive T_T That one entry where I wrote I powered through for 7 hours with my classmates – we really did 7 hours. I don’t know if there are tricks honestly, because sometimes I think it’s just the way people are “wired”? Like I’m terrible with short-term (1-2 hours) study sessions… Don’t know if they are tips, but what I do: 1) plan my day, be flexible in case the timing goes awry (like when I wake up late…), 2) get out of comfort zones!! Apartment is a no-no, so I’m always in the library… 3) pack lunches and dinners so you’d minimize miscellaneous activities (this is when EVERY MINUTE COUNTS (like this week >.<) and 4) have short, frequent breaks – I have my prayer breaks, but I allow for internet breaks too hehe like now by bargaining with myself- if I finish a section, then I can read an article for 15 mins and last but not least, 5) be kind to yourself. Don't force yourself to keep going if your focus is a goner, or unwind for an hour if you feel super stressed out to the point of chest tightening (been there, done that…).

              I don't know if I have the best studying tips honestly haha, cos sometimes it really is just what kind of a pressure build-up day/period it is, but I hope the points above help! :D

              1. LOL I still don’t think I am on the level of you & Rosie’s hardcore WINNER love. And yeah..I feel like the fangirl battlefield would be too much for me to handle, heheh. I’M IN THE NEUTRAL ZONE.. *runs away*

                WOW……..I was thinking you might study maybe 6-7 hours at most. But 10!?!? Even half of that would be an accomplishment for me. Like you said I also think it is a part of how we are ‘wired’……..I am not good at studying long hours & I feel like I lost my concentration/will-power after only a few hours. (<And that is with longish breaks in between) I guess I do not have enough stamina. X_X But I really need to get better at studying more like you…..otherwise I don't know how I'm gonna finish everything this week….

                Thank you for the tips. I will definitely try #1 more often. I think I often have this ambiguous idea in my head like 'oh I have to finish some stuff today' but I never have a concrete plan and so I don't get it done. And I guess #4, I need to make my breaks shorter. I have this problem where my 'short breaks' end up being much longer than I intended them to be. O_O""

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