The ordinary, unexpected tale of a 21-year friendship.

2020 sometimes feels like a year that keeps taking with surprising speed that I keep having to remind myself it is one that has also given in bountiful. Growing up, when Mum welcomed international examiners during exam season, she would bring us kiddos to the dinners with the external profs. In one of those occasions, … More The ordinary, unexpected tale of a 21-year friendship.


From December 30, 2017: Georgetown is lovely – straddling between nostalgia and modernization; multi-ethnicities, cultures and religions; changing times… it feels very much like an amalgam of everything it was, is, and could potentially be – which feels crazy familiar. It’s like finding and observing myself in concrete spaces, architectures, and backstories. I told Eldest … More ‘otherness’

exotic / endangered

i.  The first time I listened to John Mayer’s song ‘In The Blood’ fresh from his latest album The Search for Everything, I cried. Then I played the song on loop, letting each word and feeling course through me with overwhelming familiarity. I’ve been there too, I thought to myself as if I was responding to … More exotic / endangered

October weather (“It’s cos you met me at 26”);

i. Just as August gave way to September, the latter gently bid goodbye to make way for October. Likewise the boy – more real than mere words on paper or two-dimensional photos – has gone from August to September to now, October boy. Since the last time I wrote about him, a few meet-ups have … More October weather (“It’s cos you met me at 26”);