From December 30, 2017: Georgetown is lovely – straddling between nostalgia and modernization; multi-ethnicities, cultures and religions; changing times… it feels very much like an amalgam of everything it was, is, and could potentially be – which feels crazy familiar. It’s like finding and observing myself in concrete spaces, architectures, and backstories. I told Eldest … More ‘otherness’

exotic / endangered

i.  The first time I listened to John Mayer’s song ‘In The Blood’ fresh from his latest album The Search for Everything, I cried. Then I played the song on loop, letting each word and feeling course through me with overwhelming familiarity. I’ve been there too, I thought to myself as if I was responding to … More exotic / endangered

October weather (“It’s cos you met me at 26”);

i. Just as August gave way to September, the latter gently bid goodbye to make way for October. Likewise the boy – more real than mere words on paper or two-dimensional photos – has gone from August to September to now, October boy. Since the last time I wrote about him, a few meet-ups have … More October weather (“It’s cos you met me at 26”);

the middle path.

Yesterday evening Eldest Sis (my soul-sister; wisdom whisperer; forever sage) reminded me to walk the middle path, “-and do not succumb to ideals nor…” She paused, grasping air as she attempted to retrieve the right word. “Norm?” I supplied to her. “Ideals and norms,” she repeated in agreement. “Our society’s view is often too monocular – … More the middle path.