“I’m exactly where I’m meant to be”

A Ramadhan reflection special cos it’s a quiet, beautiful Sunday morning. I spoke briefly to my Eldest Sis two evenings ago about my recent work-life development and she lamented about the Power of Dua (written in caps cos that’s how she meant it). “Never underestimate the power of dua,” she said. I agree wholeheartedly especially, … More “I’m exactly where I’m meant to be”


Hello… it’s hard to believe that I’m here, back here, writing. I think it’s been a year-plus since I last wrote? Life happened. Correction: it’s still happening and really, it’s the reason I’m back. I just wanted to write down some thoughts and lots of feelings off my chest. Where do I begin? Let’s jump … More 28.

August rush.

Putting this here because I want to remember these words and this feeling: After 5 straight days of working till nighttime at platform then barge, today my body experienced an internal system shutdown so I called it a day early (at 530 PM haha) and enjoyed, finally, my favorite solitary activity offshore: an evening up … More August rush.

“Something was and wasn’t there between us, something went on and went away.”

Came across an excerpt of this poem and decided to look up the full version; wow, my heart – plummeted upon first read. ‘First Love’ is beautiful in a way that all great poems tend to be – simultaneously vulnerable, enchanting, and heartbreaking. “They say the first love’s most important. That’s very romantic, but not my … More “Something was and wasn’t there between us, something went on and went away.”

half-half / neither

Trevor Noah reiterated several times in his fantastic memoir ‘Born A Crime’ that race is a social construct. I nodded my head each time that sentence appeared, yet no closer to unwinding my own views. More than the stories of his mother (who is amazing, naturally reminded me of mine) and his frank views on … More half-half / neither