for Tom.

I hate for life to makes sense only when death comes knocking; I hate to write about life as this big, significant thing only when death comes knocking; and I really hate reflecting on life cos death came knocking and therefore reminded me that eveything is transient. But there is no winning… against death. I … More for Tom.

“You can be sorry for yourself, but what are you doing about it?”

I know this may seem like an odd exercise, but I like to think I’m safekeeping my blurbs and thoughts presented in words. Here’s a musing written on December 29, 2017: Some thoughts qon ‘self-love’ / ‘self-care’: As much as it’s important to be kind and to take care of ourselves, we really ought to … More “You can be sorry for yourself, but what are you doing about it?”

exotic / endangered

i.  The first time I listened to John Mayer’s song ‘In The Blood’ fresh from his latest album The Search for Everything, I cried. Then I played the song on loop, letting each word and feeling course through me with overwhelming familiarity. I’ve been there too, I thought to myself as if I was responding to … More exotic / endangered

January 11, 2016.

I have this belief, wayward and ridiculous though it may be, that if I don’t write something down – it doesn’t become Truth. Something isn’t real unless I put them in words. It has now been nearly a-year-and-a-half since the untying of a longstanding, tight knot. I am still unable to write it down, much … More January 11, 2016.

the writer. 

I confess that I often wonder if I am a no-fun kind of person – especially when I find myself having to talk myself (every damn time) to attend large-scale and/or networking events. I would always go (and hate myself for always end up going) only to constantly feel out of place no matter the … More the writer. 


i. Yesterday my Eldest Bro spoke to me – over the phone, because he is awesome like that (he calls) – about personal integrity and reminded me, in his eldest brother way, not to give it up. That perhaps a place has its own values, good ones even – they’re simply not one-size-fits-all. One decides then … More misfit.